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Acephalgic or Silent Migraines

Migraine_cast_200x200 The amount of information available about Migraines and other Headache disorders these days is staggering. Digesting it all can be challenging at best sometimes.

Many of us have problems reading when we don't feel well. Some of us also learn better when we hear material than when we read it. Today, I'm introducing a new type of podcast, an audio article. These are articles that have already been published online and found helpful. By publishing it as a podcast also, we hope to extend its reach and helpfulness.

To start this series, we're starting with one of the "Basics" articles that have proven to be helpful to many readers, Acephalgic or Silent Migraine - The Basics.

Ready for our newest podcast? Here it is - Download Acephalgic_or_Silent_Migraine.mp3 (9408.4K). In some browsers, podcasts can be a bit slow to load, so please be patient if it doesn't load immediately.

You can also listen to MigraineCast from iTunes, download it to your iPod, and subscribe to our podcast. In iTunes, enter MigraineCast in the search box -- OR, click on this iTunes button - MigraineCast.

While you're here, please take a look to your right on the page where you'll see a variety of ways you can subscribe to our podcast.

Until next time, live well!

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