Don't Ignore Head Trauma and Headaches
Using the Term Migraine "Cure"

The Migraine Research Foundation and Their Sweepstakes

Migraine_cast_200x200Welcome to MigraineCast the podcast brought to you by Teri Robert,, and

There's no question that we need more research into Migraine disease and other headache disorders -- what causes them, what goes on in our brains during a Migraine or headache, and how to treat Migraine and other headache disorders.

There's also no question that, especially in today's economy, it's difficult at best to find that research. That's where the Migraine Research Foundation comes in. The MRF is dedicated to funding Migraine research.

My guests for today's podcast are Joan Kaplan and Sam Yates from the Migraine research foundation. We discuss the sweepstakes the MRF is conducting to raise funds for research and how the MRF operates...

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