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Using the Term Migraine "Cure"

Migraine_cast_200x200Welcome to MigraineCast the podcast brought to you by Teri Robert and

For quite some time now, the use of the term Migraine "cure" has been a topic of heated discussion, disagreement, and even some heated arguments that ended up in defamatory and libelous comments being slung around online.

Is Migraine disease curable? Is the use of the term Migraine "cure" ever acceptable. That's the topic of this podcast.

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Larry Davis

Never having suffered a migraine myself I had no idea the severity on a persons life they could have until a friend and seeing some info on some programs like fox news and The journal with Joan Lunden that i realized how debilitating it could be. That same friend found a cure as well through natural means and it is possible, great story.

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