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Migraine_cast_200x200Our new podcast is up and ready for you!

Welcome to MigraineCast the podcast brought to you by MyMigraineConnection.com and the HealthCentral Network.

One of the most difficult problems presented by Migraines and other headache disorders is finding ways to help us copy
e with them. They're isolating and frustrating, along with many other descriptive terms we could come up with.. We come up with coping methods that vary widely.

There's one activity that I often see Migraineurs engage in as a way to deal with their feelings -- writing. Writing can often be done even in the midst of a Migraine. It doesn't require much movement, and it can be distracting. Some people write just for themselves. Others write to share with others -- to share their feelings, offer encouragement, vent about life with Migraines, or to help people who don't have Migraines or other headache disorders understand what it's like to live with them. Migraine and headache sufferers are writing blogs, diaries, short stories, and poetry.

Ready for our newest podcast? Here it is! Download Writing as a Release from Migraine.mp3 (10844.3K) . In some browsers, podcasts can be a bit slow to load, so please be patient if it doesn't load immediately. (In my experience, podcasts load and play fastest in Firefox.)

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